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We can configure a Dell laptop or desktop to meet your needs.We will include all of the features you want and none of those you don't. Windows 7 is still available for those who don't want the latest Windows Operating System, Windows 8. Often we can get you a lower price than you can on your own.

AVG Antivirus®

Residential or business, one computer or hundreds. With AVG Cloud Care, we can monitor your antivirus condition. When a threat arrives at your computer, we are notified. We can then contact you and advise you on how to deal with it.


Offsite backup. A small program is installed on your computer and your data files are backed up over the Internet. Your information is encrypted so it is not readable to any unauthorized eyes. We monitor the status of your backups and are notified if your backup is overdue or your subscription is nearing renewal.

Shadow Protect®

This software will store a "snapshot" or "image" of your operating system and store it on a external hard drive attached to your computer. If you should suffer an event that renders your hard drive unreadable (hard drive failure, fire, virus attack, etc.) your computer can be restored to a pre-event condition including retaining all of your pictures, music, emails and even your settings and configuration files.